I’ve been reading a lot of documentations of your planet.

It seems you’re in a bit of a pickle.

From what I’ve gathered, you’re saying that the world’s resources and population is unsustainable and people will suffer.

Did you ever think the consequences might have already happened?

I can’t say much else, as I’m currently on temporary house arrest; as a warning. But what I can say, is that either your world has never been, or you have never been, in the figment of one man’s imagination.

Your timeline isn’t ruined; it seizes to exist. Once the concept of time came to a halt, it no longer existed in the past either.

Your sustainability as a planet cannot be monitored. Because there’s only ever this moment existing at any one time.

Have you ever thought of living a life with no boundaries of time? Or do you just take the word of historical guides of what time means?

Your future isn’t unsustainable. The future has happened. And it no longer exists.

Johnny x


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