It’s a brand new year. You could say not much has changed. Everyone else’s world hasn’t; mine on the other hand, particularly the Other World, is unrecognisable.

The white rooms are gone. Replaced by grey earth, a green lake, a red sky, symbols, and a tear in the fabric of this place across the lake.

I need to get across the lake. I’m pretty sure it’s the true white room. I’m not sure why but I know I need to get there. The only issue is I cannot move when I’m in the Other World.

But I can move in this world – physically yes, but the answer lies in actions from connecting the dots. Your world is one where everything occurs backwards through time but forwards in our minds, a world where the people no longer put up with the exhausting capitalist state that used to exist; a world with lots of new technology accompanied by old conflicts. I must progress in some way or another, but I’m not quite sure how yet. That’s my theory at the moment anyway.

Times are changing, and so is Johnny Black. But it’s not worth explaining just quite yet.

Tune in next week for more.

Johnny x



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