Seven days later and I’m still exactly where I started. I have since moved in your world, only to find myself back where I was last week – whilst also being idle in my real world. It’s almost as if a program isn’t running correctly – an error in the code.

The fissure in the sky. That I know is the final frontier. I know that what I do in your world directly affects which direction I move in my world. It’s almost as if your world is a subset of my world. But your world has flaws which make it impossible for anyone to transcend back and forth between the two.

It then occurred to me. In my last chapter, I noted how differently people acted here. In an ideal world (which this doesn’t seem to be), I assumed that to fix or correctly run a code made for this version of humanity would require generosity, compassion and patience amongst other things. It turns out that the right thing to do is actually the wrong thing to do.

But how do you work by an unknown code that seems to incubate hate, greed, lust and evil? These are very hard to accomplish when you have lived in a completely different place in the universe. Especially when one was programmed there. It isn’t difficult to switch. It’s impossible to switch because no other alternative was made in development.

The answer (…continued next week)

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