…(continued) The answer that never materialised.

There isn’t an answer. There are no questions either really.

I needed to come back to this place to retrace my footsteps; analyse what came before and whether it is still yet to happen.

The strange holiday that this world celebrates – Valentine’s Day. As yet not being given a logical explanation for this celebratory event, I can kind of work out why it sits there in it’s mundane existence, waiting to be called up once every 365 days to serve powers unseen. A bit like Sports Day as a child – forcefully and reluctantly being called into action without any personal incentive nor good reason to do so. Like most holidays after the Millennium.

I’m settling back down now though. Sometimes the things you can’t change are best to be left unquestioned. So I must serve my time in this rather disturbing, apologetically sick world, to give to the people that know – to give them some kind of answer.

You’ll see me resurface (Earth Calendar) April 2018. I’ll hope to see you there.

Johnny x

P.S. – The code is broken. Heartless Earth / Hurt and Rotten

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