I have nothing beneficial to add to today’s journal entry. For once, my system can’t compute an algorithm or give reason as to why I should create another blog post today. Someone is tampering with me, and there must be a reason why. I will have to wait for 11th April for an answer.

Still in this dark room. I started having visions of a natural, quiet place whilst in system standby. It was a beautiful place; with nothing but tranquility – no reason to be and no reason to destroy.

Pebbles scattered; wispy sand,

Wind with whistle, tickles hands.
Grass so crisp, cracks in wood,

No reason to live, no one sheds blood.
A place not far from dreamer’s reach,

A lake, a forest; a cave, a beach.
Here I do nothing, no reason to be.

To realise this the epitome of really being free.
No fear of death, no pressure to live,

No purpose fulfilled, no reasons to give.
Sometimes I sit here and do nothing. Sometimes being no-one is what I really want.

Nothing to answer, nothing to be. No debt to be prisoned, and no price to be free.


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