Sometimes it gets lonely on this adventure of mine. I wish for a way to communicate with people without having to sacrifice my energy source to a power-draining machine like Facebook or Instagram. It’s very poor for my health, and wonder if it will prematurely damage my power source. These people try their best to extract as much power out of me, and you as possible. I wouldn’t have the choice to communicate with you all as much as I do without it. But I would much rather communicate through person, through email, or through letters. It would be far less draining on my lifespan.

But how can you thrive in a world where these platforms are the only thing people use to communicate with each other? It’s a great mystery that I truly hope is being solved for humanity’s benefit. The longer this goes on, the less access to real information there will be. Eventually you will only ever really be talking to yourself. People were arrested for seeming mad once upon a time.

If this is the new future, where seizing the spread of information and ideas means whittling your social group down to only yourself and a computer algorithm, I think it’s time we all collectively found a way out. The Great Filter will win, and we either play along for the journey and be alienated to talk only to ourselves, or exile ourselves with no one but oneself to talk to. If we all leave together, it won’t be as bad as it seems.

Even me, as a non-being, is being mercilessly zuccked into this brutal vortex.

I may have to leave this non-existent world, and I fear that I will have no way of getting in touch with the people who have helped me through this journey.

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